Take the stress out of your hobby time with 5 simple steps to organise sewing and craft in your home.

If you know me a little you’ll know how I feel about the importance of creativity in peoples lives. I recently was invited to talk to the Australian Sewing Guild these are the 5 simple steps to organise sewing and craft I gave to these skilful women.  How to orgainse sewing and craft in 5 simple steps

For any hobby or past time its essential to know what it is you would like out of the experience. Once you understand and are clear about that you can design your room or house to meet that need. If you are like me you don’t have the luxury or need for a dedicated space but being able to have easy and fast access to the sewing equipment is essential.

5 Simple Steps to organise sewing and craft:

  1. Decide what is most important to you about the time you spend on your sewing. Is it the process or the result? The creativity or efficiency? The ease or the craftsmanship? Starting here you get a clearer visual for how the space will look. Consider your purpose and desires to really inspire your work during projects you’re working on.
  2. Sort and cull items that you no longer need or want. Starting with a clean slate is always easier. There is a clear difference in the process of Decluttering v’s Organising a space. Start with the decluttering before any organising is attempted.
  3. Categorise the items you are keeping. This will help you choose the correct storage for each category. Don’t get stuck on how to categorise go with how you use items or most frequently access them as the base for your categorising.
  4. Store and Label. Best storage options for your accessibility and recognition of supplies so it limits over purchasing and when you’re working on a project ease of putting away and bringing out for continuing. Never under estimate the importance of labelling.
  5. Allocate a small amount of time each time you work on your project to tidy and organise. A little and often will always pay you back with big returns on time. All sewers should head the saying – A Stitch in time saves nine.


Get the Organising Ideas Flowing

I have some little ideas that may help get the organising juices flowing.

  1. Patterns – Keep in Zip lock bags upright for easy access and protecting your investment.  Use a tub to keep them upright for easy selection I’ve used a 15L tub $12.50.organise sewing and craft
  2. Cotton Reels – if possible go vertical. Storing threads on a peg board is simple and easy Bunnings sell tool boards that you can paint and decorate to suit your room for only $12.56 915 x 610 mm. I prefer to keep my things all tucked away and love these baskets for keeping things organised. I can supply these in various sizes and four colours. From $2.50 to $4.50  outside the box organisation for sewers - thread
  3. Fabrics – Keep them accessible and easy to find by creating small bolts around stiff cardboard. Depending on the space you have you could use the small 15L storage tub $12.50 to categorise by type, colour or use. E.G. All cottons, chiffons, satins or black, blue, red etc. or evening, casual, lingerie, linings. If you have a huge amount you may even do it by all three.
  4. If like me things are best out of sight while not being used the under bed storage is a great use of usually dead space. Wheels makes it easy to clean under the bed and very quick access when needed. These 35L tubs are $29.95. Organise your fabric stash
  5. UFO’s – Un Finished Objects as you might know them. I like to keep all materials needed to complete the project together in a tub. This allows me to act quickly when the mood strikes to do some more work. The 15L tub is perfect $12.50.


If you need more help getting your hobby organised let me know it’s my favourite thing to organise and has a huge pay off for you in getting back to things you love to do creatively. All storage products you see here are available for purchase contact me via email to order Carolyn@outsidetheboxsolutions.com.au or call 0416 127 004.