About Outside the Box Organisation Solutions

We show you how to be more organised, so you can experience more of what you love.

Working with a Professional Organiser and Organiser Life Coach is a collaborative partnership that turns ideas into action to achieve freedom from chaos. Because you know, creating beautiful spaces and putting things in boxes is only a part of answer. Together, we’ll design a home and life that fits, creating permanent change to how you deal with clutter and disorganisation.

It feels totally strange to boast about accomplishments. So, this list is all in the name of assisting you to make your choice of Organiser Life Coach or Professional Organiser. So, here goes.

Carolyn Verhoef

Carolyn Verhoef founded Outside the Box Organisation Solutions in 2007. She is the regions only Certified Organiser Coach COC®, Associate Certified Coach ACC® with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and Accredited Expert with the Institute of Professional Organisers (IOPO).

Believing in a bigger picture for the Organising Industry, she is a Founding Advisory Board Member of The Institute of Professional Organisers (IOPO).

Carolyn’s, ‘Outside the Box’ approach as a Life Coach and Professional Organiser, embraces the client’s uniqueness. Facilitating them to identify and reach goals for their home, time, and life – creating a life that fits.

Simply put “When you live with less of the stuff and chaos that gets in your way, you experience more of life.”

She is a workshop facilitator, mentor, dance teacher and soon to be the first to train and offer therapy dog assistance to Organising and ADHD/ASD Coaching clients.

Associate Certified Coach

Prunella Riddle

Prunella’s travels have given her insightful perspectives. She wants to share her vision to help you towards a calmer and happier self.

Working, juggling social commitments and family, she understands feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated. We have all been there.

Prunella believes deeply in diversity and inclusion. She has helped ADHD and NDIS clients within social initiatives such as CoderDojo and Befriend Inc. She understands the complexities that might prevent you from moving forward.

Prunella founded her local Buy Nothing group in 2017, which continues to flourish today. In her regional role, she cared for 36,000 members. She has run many challenges, decluttering and organisational events to empower members. To free them from their stuff.

She is an active member of sustainability groups that believe in the power of your small actions to help our planet.

She is a Bibbulmun Track end to ender and dreams of one day dancing the Tango.