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Sharing and listening to others stories is hugely valuable. Let’s start a conversation about the journey to organised living. I know you’ll be surprised by how many have similar challenges.

My blog posts focus on how to live with less stuff and to experience more of all the things you love ever day. I’m honoured to hold a spot on the Top 100 Organizing Blogs in the World, so someone thinks it’s pretty good.

Productivity Decluttering Organising Blog Topics

Start by reading “Decluttering, Organising and Tidying up – The Essential Guide”. This feature blog post will give you a strong foundation to work from.

Find organising strategies for the home office, kitchen, bathroom, wardrobe, jewelery storage, craft and sewing rooms.

Learn how to declutter your home, mind and time. We tackle some of the harder stuff too, like how to deal with memorabilia from lost loved ones and downsizing.

There’s a whole series on decision making,  a key to success in decluttering and organising. Get my top 5 Diary hacks to save time and I show you how to say NO and feel good about it.

Remember, knowledge is great but nothing happens without action. Enjoy your time on the blog!