Have you ever heard the quote… “All great changes are preceded by chaos.” – Deepak Chopra

It’s so true!

Hi, I’m Pru.
Here I am writing my first post for Outside the Box, plus I’m also new to the world of Professional Organising, so it has taken some chaos to get here. Lots of training and hands-on experience with mentoring has got me through.

Indeed, if you are reading this, then I know that there has been some chaos before you got here too. That’s a good thing because significant positive change is ahead.

After all, we stay in a rut if we keep practising the same bad habits. Don’t we? We all need to ask for help when we feel overwhelmed. We need to customise organisational solutions to meet our unique needs. We need to move away from our attachment to our stuff towards more connection, more time, more space and more joy.

Pru Professional Organiser

We all need change

So to embrace positive change, this year, we created a new service to help many during this festive season. Don’t worry if you missed the window, as you can always book in for next year. We are here for you.

Most of us love the holidays but equally find it a tad stressful. So, this holiday season, we trialled a new Christmas Decorating service. Our professional organisers act as your very own Christmas elves and use your decorations to make your home more festive. We will put up and trim the tree, set the table and even sort out that thing you have been worried about – magic. Even better, you can also book us to put it all away again.

So what is it like to have a Christmas Organising Elf visit?

My first clients were a delightful couple. We made an instant connection. Both independent people who use wheelchairs they always found Christmas decorating a compromise. I remember her saying, “that’s the first time we have had the wreath at the top of the door as I can only reach the middle”. First, I listened as the clients knew their desires
and had great ideas. They told me that they often put up fewer decorations than they would have liked due to the task’s difficulty or having to depend on others.

This year we carefully curated their precious decorations. We gave them the honour they deserved, resulting in a stunning tree – viewable from outside too! Along with a pretty Christmas table and a tasteful array of decorations leading through the home to the focal point of the tree, we completed the twinkling effect. After packing away and a quick clean up there was still time left to help with the clients’ craft room which needed to be redesigned to allow better access to items. Three hours of satisfying work and a win for our happy clients.

Making a Positive Change

So you see, here at Outside the Box, we understand that chaos comes before great change. We are open to new ideas and want to help you make the changes that lead to a positive difference in your life. So, help us, help you.

Please comment on the chaos you need help with or the positive changes you have made with organising, plus contact us to learn how we can find a way forward.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Outside the Box Organisation Solutions.