Declutter Your Life from the Inside Out

In part 1 of this series, we talked about how to declutter your life of the physical object clutter and the time clutter. If you’ve landed here before reading part 1 here’s the link to get you up to speed.

Ok, now we are ready to look at how clutter is affecting your life from the inside out. The clutter we are addressing here is sneaky and sometimes hard to identify. That’s because you can’t see it within your spaces. Taking some quiet time to address these areas of clutter in your life will reward you.

Cluttered Mind – Thoughts and Worry

The constant self-talk, ruminating over events or conversations and the cycle of worry for things beyond your control are the ingredients of the cluttered mind.

What most people haven’t connected with is the fact that thoughts are just reactions to the things around you and the events you experience. Your thoughts are not YOU! They are the helpers to make sense of the world you are experiencing. Simply making this connection to what your thoughts are is the first step in letting go.

Looking at this a step further we can then realise that worry is a pointless practice. But that’s not to say you won’t do it it’s just when worry becomes a habit it can be the cause of clutter in your mind.

Try This –

When thoughts are rushing into your conscious mind take a mental step back from them. Try to take the perspective that the thoughts are just the way your mind is trying to make sense of everything around you. Detach from the thoughts as being who you are! You are the conscious mind watching these thoughts flow in and out of your mind. You don’t need to be attached to why you are having them. I know this sounds abstract and possibly even difficult to comprehend. If this is new to you take a quiet moment to look at your thoughts from this new perspective.

I’ll be writing a further blog on thought clutter in the coming weeks so keep an eye out for more techniques to help with thought clutter.

Information Clutter – Digital and Media

I’m sure you’ve already noticed the effect of digital clutter in your email inbox, but there are even more ways information clutter is making a big impact on your life. Information clutter happens through good old-fashioned print as well in the form of magazines and books. In recent years it seems that there’s a need to be the best cook, renovator, home decorator, parent and investor all at once. No one is just good at one thing, we have to be good at most things. This I feel has been the catalyst of the new problem of information clutter.

For most people discarding information as clutter is extremely difficult. Because the value of knowledge is so highly regarded many people feel less intelligent if they let go of it. In the end, it’s not just our computer hard drive space and bookshelf space that gets overloaded it’s your mind. I’m not saying stop learning I’m just saying be more decerning with the information you are gathering.

Try This – 

Look at the type of information you are accumulating, does it have a use by date? In areas such as technology, science and education many concepts and theories do change quickly. Information accumulated on topics such as travel, beauty, fashion and styling have even a shorter lifespan. Set yourself a use by date for the items you are accumulating, make a note of the use by on the book, magazine, document or file. Every year do a purge of the out of date items.

I hope you’ve found some helpful ways to declutter your life form these short tips. I would love to hear how you go trying them out and if you have some tips to share with the Outside the Box Community.

The Declutter Your Life 30 Day Program is run throughout the year and delves more deeply into the ways to overcome clutter for good. I help participants find the root cause for their clutter challenges. The program supports each person to find their true power which in turn inspires all aspects of their lives. I hope one day you can join me.

With infinite peace and gratitude,