You Can Declutter Your Life in Every Way

If I was in front of you right now and asked: “What area of clutter would you most like to solve for good?” What would you say? I’m guessing it’s something similar to what I hear people say every day. The paperwork clutter, spare room clutter, kid’s clutter, garage clutter or the kitchen clutter. These areas of clutter are big distractions from us enjoying our homes. But, to truly declutter your life there are more areas of your life to consider than just the physical clutter. In part one, we look at the physical object clutter and time clutter. In part two we will uncover what thought clutter is getting in your way and digital clutter. In part one, we look at the physical object clutter and time clutter. In part two we will uncover what thought clutter is getting in your way and digital clutter. What is really fascinating is that for most people these areas of clutter are intertwined with each other. To really declutter your life I believe you need to address more than the stuff you see on the floor. In fact, I would even go as far to say that you might need to address the non-physical types of clutter first. If you feel like you’re drowning right now and your thinking “Are you kidding me, you mean to say there is more I have to do than just get rid of this stuff?” I understand, I really do. But hang in there with me I know it’s not easy to declutter your life. I’ve helped hundreds of people just like you and this approach leads to permanent change.

Cluttered Spaces – Physical Objects

Let’s start with the obvious. The clutter that lies around on bench tops, hidden away in cupboards and drawers. It lies waiting for the elusive day of “When I have time, I’ll sort that out”. The one most important truth to take away from this blog today is that CONSISTENCY wins every time. Don’t get caught in the trap of feeling like you need time over the weekend or hours in a row to tackle your object clutter. Try This – Create a routine of short spurts of decluttering. If you’re like me a daily routine works the best as it becomes an automatic action and I don’t need to think about it. Even committing to as little as 10 minutes per day will have a significant impact on creating more space and order. Start with just one drawer or one area and focus on that alone before moving on. If you need more tips on getting started on decluttering here is a recent blog on how to do it, Decluttering: What to Do When Getting Started Is the Biggest Hurdle 

Cluttered Diary – Time and Schedules

Time being sucked away and gobbled up by just stuff in life is the biggest problem area of clutter I see each day. Everyone is saying they don’t have time to do the things they really want or worse need to do. It’s almost an epidemic! There is so much pressure on parents to have their kids involved in several activities after school. Homeowners feel the pressure to update, decorate and renovate. Retirees are taking more grandchildren duties than ever before. It’s time to simplify life, take the foot off the accelerator. Hone in on what is really important to you and your family. Try This – It sounds strange but I want you to schedule some unscheduled time. What I mean is create a weekly plan that includes a space for nothing to happen. We are stuck in the spin of fast-paced life the only way to break the cycle is to make space for nothing. If you need more help with creating schedules that work for your life take a read of my free e-book which goes into the subject in full. It includes all the tools you need to start. Download The Truth About Habits, Routines and Schedules. Leave your comments below about how you are decluttering your life. More than happy to answer your questions so ask away. Part 2 is all about Thought Clutter and Information Clutter, two very sneaky forms of clutter that are taking over lives. With infinite peace and gratitude, Carolyn