Decluttering – How to Get Started When You Don’t Know Where to Start.

Being paralysed by even the thought of where to start decluttering your home and life is far more common than you might realise. When I ask “What can I most help you with?” the answer I hear most is “I’m overwhelmed and I just don’t know how or where to start decluttering.” Does that sound familiar? If it does, don’t despair there is an answer. Before we get stuck into it I want to share with you what many others fail to say. When it comes to decluttering and organising there is more to consider than just the surface problem of clutter. Answers to how and where to start will be different for everyone. Now I share with you some of the tried and tested techniques that have helped many of our clients.

Prepare Your Mind for the Decluttering Process

Before someone even calls us to organise and declutter their home they’ve been preparing in their mind for many months or even years. You probably have heard this same preparation. It’s the little voice inside saying “I really must do something about this clutter” you hear it many times over. But it is also quite helpful in making you more aware each time you hear the voice of what you need to do. 1. Try to become more conscious of the chatter of the mind of when clutter is taking your attention. Don’t ignore the mind chatter. Recognise its intention to make you aware of what you want. But, you also want to separate yourself from the chatter, listen to it objectively. You can say to yourself, oh there is that voice again I’m noticing why I need to hear this but I won’t punish myself for being reminded of what I really want to do about the clutter. Pushing the thoughts away and ignoring them will just keep you paralysed. In a shorter time, you will be prepared to make more decisive action to start or ask for help decluttering.

Create Your Ideal Week to Include Decluttering

You’re past the mindset phase and you just need more motivation to start. Now the key to starting any large project like decluttering is to create a routine. Even just committing the time in your diary to the task is going to help motivate you to take action. Don’t worry if you miss the first decluttering appointment with yourself just keep re-scheduling it in your diary. Ask someone to be your accountability buddy if you need more commitment to the task. Sometimes you need a professional to help and part of our service is to be an accountability buddy even when we aren’t in your home. 2. Create a Template Ideal Week taking into account all your commitments and must do’s. Now assign time slots to your decluttering project throughout your week. It will take some time before it becomes part of your weekly routine and habit but it is so worth it. Just click the link, fill in the form to learn how to set up a great weekly routine in our free Ebook “The Truth About Habits, Routines and Schedules”.

Get Started with Small Wins of Decluttering

This is the biggest trouble with decluttering paralyzation. You look around and see how much is to be done and fall in a heap of exhaustion just looking at it. 3. Start with the smallest area that will give you the biggest win when it’s decluttered. This will be the areas you frequently use. Bed side table, coffee table, top drawer of the hall stand what ever space you use each day and is too cluttered. This will let you experience the rewards of your efforts every day and keep you motivated to declutter another area because it feels so good!

Now What?

Delaying taking a step to get help sometimes is just compounding the problem of feeling paralysed by clutter. I hope one of these three techniques is suitable for where you are at in your decluttering goals. We are here to help you create permanent change to live with less and experience more. Decluttering your life is not always simple and definitely not easy for most. So, please reach out and talk with us or someone who will champion your goals for living the life you really want. I look forward to hearing your successes and helping you with any challenges either leave a comment below or contact me privately here. Carolyn VerhoefOrganising Services from Outside the Box Organisation Solutions Peth Australia Organising Coach & Professional Organiser