Getting things done at your own speed. What speed is the best speed for you to work at?

How could getting things done at your own speed be working for you or against you? I think we all wonder if we did things faster we ‘d feel more in control and be more productive. What is the best speed for us to work at? It’s something I had to think about for myself and my clients.

Start with defining productivity for yourself.

Before we go any further define what PRODUCTIVITY means for you. Perhaps getting things done at your own speed is in line with your expectations of quality and detail. Productivity is not always about just getting more done but also quality and cost. Take a look at the definition of the word productivity.

productivity,  the quality of being productive or having the power to produce. Productivity is the state of being able to create, particularly at a high quality and quick speed.

When I started writing a blog I thought it would take half an hour an hour at the most. I’d start all enthusiastic about my time frame I had allowed but when I finally published the blog I was feeling quite disappointed with myself because it took a lot longer than I had allowed. But in fact what happened, was the quality of the information I desired to produce exceeded the production time I had allowed.

So you could say I was working at the best speed to produce the blog I had imagined. If I wasn’t concerned with its quality then I could have stayed within the time frame I allowed.

Create the environment that will match your speed and quality. If you wait for perfect conditionsyou'll

Look at your environment is it supporting you for getting things done at the quality and speed you have defined? Don’t wait for the right conditions create them for yourself.

It’s easy to beat yourself up over lost productivity. Look at the environment you are working in, what easy changes could be made to get things done quickly? Here’s a quick checklist to get you started:

  • Space you work in is it uplifting and energizing.
  • Sufficient light and colours that support you (find out your personal Feng Shui to understand more about colours that support you)
  • Create a comfortable temperature
  • Is there enough privacy for you to speak freely
  • Consider the noise levels in your space

Don’t under estimate the influence these have on getting things done. There are a number of interesting research papers on working environments and productivity who agree these aspects will damage productivity if they are ignored. Here are some interesting reads on the subject Open-plan offices: Task performance and mental workload 4 Ways Workplace Design Affects Productivity

Get the best tools to work at your speed.

Getting things done is highly influenced by the tools you are using and the systems in place to make those tools work at your speed. I’m writing today sitting next to my husband in our office. After many months of development our first Children’s book App has been approved on iTunes. I was asking him for some help witting to you today and he made a great point about his own getting things done attitude.  When you don’t have the equipment and skill set that is inline with your expected productivity it turns to frustration and procrastination.

Keep up to date and ask yourself –

  • Do I have the knowledge to make this easy? Who can I ask that might know more than I do?
  • Are there new systems I can use to make things easier or produce better quality?
  • What updates on equipment could take place to increase my chances of getting things done?

To sum up, getting things done is about a lot more than just rushing around franticly or staying up to all hours to fit things in. Keep your motivation going and your speed where you are comfortable by understanding your level of quality vs. cost of time, make your environment one that supports your speed and keep up to date with tools and skills.

Most of all know when to ask for help don’t wait till things stop getting done. Love to hear what you think about getting things done at your own speed. Leave a comment or come have a chat on Facebook

Yours in peaceful productivity,