Six Ways to Give Less Clutter and Give More Meaning to Gift Giving

Gift giving is the way we show someone how much we care, especially for special occasions and holidays. What happens on the receiving end of all this gifting may not be the desired effect the giver was aiming for. With exasperation and overwhelm I’m asked constantly “how do I stop my family and friends giving me more stuff?”. So, here are inspiring ideas of how you can give less clutter. Plus it will give your loved ones some new ideas for gifts they may want to give to you.

The Gift of Your TimeGive less clutter by giving your time

Giving the most valuable resource you own in the world is by far the most loving and thoughtful way to show your appreciation.  It could be simply sitting in a park, going for a bike ride. If they have a favourite past time but rarely get time to do it give this gift by enjoying it together. Taking the time to be fully present no devices or distractions, you are all there’s for the gift to be of value.

The Gift of an Experience

Give less clutter with the gift of experienceCreating new memories through new experiences is a gift that will stay with your loved one for many years to come. Even better it won’t fill up the cupboard with dust collectors. Find a new experience they would enjoy, do some investigative snooping to find out their likes and dislikes. Another great idea is to carve out some time doing something new together, experiences can be more fun when shared. Many women come to my Shy Girls Belly Dance classes as a way to share an experience and have a lot of fun at the same time.

The Gift of Memories

Reminiscing about our times together and of those, who are far away can be a beautiful way to give. Creating a photo album, small scrapbook or even digital book can be very precious in the right setting.

The Gift of Your Expertise

You have a special expertise that others don’t, share it as a gift. Whether it’s sewing, cooking, decorating, fixing, mixing, gardening or creating, someone will love an extra hand getting something done as a gift. I know I would love this as a gift. I bet you can think of several things you would love to get done around your home and have a loved one who knows how to do it. Hinting might be in order here!

The Gift of GratitudeGive less clutter with the gift of gratitude

Taking time to express your deep gratitude for the people in your life through words. Write a poem, make a video or scrapbook to convey how grateful you are to have them in your life. Say not just how grateful but also why.

The Gift of Space

Everyone needs some space in their life, give someone the day off work, the day off cooking, a week or month off cleaning the house. Take care of the kids or parents or anything else that they need a break from. So many people do so much caring for others sometimes Give less clutter gifts of spacethey just need some space for themselves. Perhaps they even need some physical space. So give them a hand clearing the clutter if they are happy for others to help. You may even give them a professional service to help like a cleaner, babysitter or even a Professional Organiser. I hope these suggestions have sparked your imagination to give less clutter. The living with less to experience more lifestyle of gifting isn’t very hard to do, is it? Just a shift of mindset. I’m going to say it are you ready? When you give less clutter for gifts it can be so much more rich, meaningful and enjoyable when you start to think outside the box. Ok, there I said it! But it’s so true. Right now there are millions of people out there spending there hard earned money on things that will sit in cupboards for years. And they stay there out of some sense of guilt or shame of not wanting to be wasteful. I’m not saying never buy a physical gift ever again, I’m just saying think about it very hard before you go out shopping. I’d love to hear your ideas on how to give less clutter too, so please leave your suggestions below. Infinite peace and gratitude to you from me, Carolyn