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Tales of Change


What inspires you and gives you the courage to embrace change? You know, that type that will impact every part of your life, home and relationships.

The third book in the Stories From The Heart series, the book features 12 short stories including mine “It’s not about the STUFF!” Each tale is real, raw and relatable, and collectively these stories will challenge your thinking and allow you to reflect upon the changes you have experienced and want to experience in your life.

It’s Not About the STUFF! is my story as Professional Organiser and Organising Coach facilitating change in peoples homes and lives for more than 10 years.

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2 reviews for Tales of Change

  1. Kerrie Duff

    Reading Carolyn’s chapter ‘It Is Not About the Stuff’ in Stories from the Heart Tales of Change was akin to being in one of her coaching sessions.
    Originally our intent was to seek assistance in decluttering some of the rooms in our place, so it became a home again and not a place with ‘stuff’ in.
    As we went along it became clear that Carolyn’s words and actions support were helping us make changes in our daily internal and external lives. Freeing up space involves understanding why we really want to do it – the heart of the matter. Coaching sessions cover how it can be done in bite sized manageable chunks and how to move forward when hurdles appear. Over time emotional clutter begin to be freed up too.
    Her chapter offers an extra inkling into the process Carolyn follows as she prepares to meet people. It outlines the steps she follows which are personalised to each individual she supports, although the baseline remains grounded in the same depth of skills, knowledge and understanding of the resources and techniques available to assist diverse people – each with their own baggage and scenarios.
    ‘It Is Not About the Stuff’ is well worth reading over and again. Each time it will speak to different issues the reader may be going through. I can hear Carolyn’s voice as I put away items in their own home and know that they are arranged in a way that simplifies life- making it easier to get to the end goal of beginning a new patchwork project or completing a UFO; or finding what I want to wear without having to go on a hunt.
    Carolyn’s supports ensure you learn organisational skills and aren’t simply being organised and then let free to forget and get back into a rut. The old listen, learn, understand theory is matched superbly with Carolyn standing by the person and supporting them to do a task and understand why. She takes the time to ensure hurdles aren’t brushed over and demonstrates in her tale how she clearly works with so people can them go on achieving by themselves. Doing ‘for’ is short lived. Doing ‘with’ lasts. Carolyn’s dedicated and skilled methods match an emotional intelligence that the story touches on well and truly reflect the lessons and experience we had when we engaged her services.

  2. Margie Bryant

    Carolyn’s chapter ‘It Is Not About The Stuff’ in Stories from the Heart Tales of Change is a must read.
    Carolyn has a practical way to free up your life so you can flow and be who you want to be.
    I always considered myself tidy, but realized I was not as organized as I could be, after meeting and engaging the services of Carolyn.
    I had assumed my idea of organization was efficient but I was often frustrated when I couldn’t find something or was overwhelmed by the piles I had created.
    It was an enlightening journey and such a giving gift to gain back flow in your own life.

    • Carolyn Verhoef

      Hi Margie,
      I’m so pleased you enjoyed the story in Tales of Change.
      Such a wonderful honour to assist you with your organisation of your home and business.
      It’s always more than just the stuff the is affecting us in our spaces.

      Infinite gratitude,

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You can’t put a price on a good story. One that makes you feel something. Gurgles your adrenaline. Makes your nose drip with sadness. Lifts your eyebrows with surprise. The stories in this book will spark ideas and stir up memories. You may feel like you were there. You may feel like they are you. Either way, you will find truth amidst these pages. They are our own stories of triumph and transformation and exist to remind us what it is to be alive