Save thousands of dollars and precious time with top tips from a Chef.

It’s easy to do with these simple although life changing organising habits for the kitchen. Some of you may not know that I became a chef at 19. I loved being creative with food and loved how things would come together to make something even better.

As a Professional Organiser I can share all the tricks I learnt over those years with you. I regularly share the Love Food Hate Waste tricks in workshops around Perth, here are just some of the gems I love to share.

If you think food waste isn’t a big deal check out the statistics:Stop food waste for good. Organise your kitchen to save food waste

  • Every year the average Australian household throws away enough food to feed a household for a month. That’s $1036  in the bin.
  • The average Australian in throwing away 20% of the food we buy.
  • 4 million tonnes of food waste is entering landfill yearly, that equals $8 billion of edible food.
  • Around 3 full fridges of food or  345kg per household each year.

But how is this affecting our environment? Food waste rots with other organics in landfill giving off a greenhouse gas Methane. It is 25 times more potent than the carbon pollution that comes from your car exhaust.

So here’s how you could save tonnes of  food waste affecting our environment and thousands of dollars on your grocery bill. Even more importantly for your family save hours of your precious time.

Top 4 ways to stop food waste for good:

1. Consider buying only what you need from a store that sells by weight.

  • Saves waste but also you will find these stores offer fresher ingredients as the turnover is more controlled. When buying in packets your ingredients could be, months old plus kept in storage in hot conditions.
  • Buying by weight not only saves on wasted ingredients but you’ll save on landfill and recycling by using re-usable paper bags or take your own container to the store to limit packaging waste.
  • Find a store near you by searching for stores that sell by weight. Perth stores include, Loose Produce – Como. Kakulas Brothers – Northbridge. Weigh & Pay – Woodvale, Wasteless Pantry in Mundaring, Bassendean and Greenvale.
  • You can also apply this to buying fresh fruit and vegetables. So many stores now wrap their fresh items on trays or in packets. It might seem more convenient while shopping but you could be saving hundreds over the year if you select your own.

2. Use good pantry storage practices. Easy to access and keeping dry goods fresh is essential to an organised efficient kitchen.

  •  Store all items in containers with good seals and are see through to see contents easily. This is the corner stone for great pantry storage. Some of my favourite storage containers are made from glass, have silicone seals for great freshness and where possible can stack easily.
  • Label everything and include a removable sticker to add best before dates to containers.
  • Go a step further with your labeling by also adding a date of purchase so you can estimate your re-stock levels and create effective shopping lists.
  • Fill your pantry with tallest at back smallest at front. Small containers should be only ever stored at eye level above or below this they get lost.

3. Planning meals and shopping lists is the best way to stop food waste for good. 33% of the food waste is fresh food.

  • Write a meal plan each week and full shopping list, then shop from your fridge and pantry first before going to the store. The time and money you will save from this one small habit alone will totally surprise you!
  • When your energy is low and time is short the last thing we want to do is start cooking a meal, especially a healthy meal. Limit the temptation of buying takeaways by having some family favourites in the freezer. Make a double batch of these every week or fortnight. Make certain you use good storage containers that can be re-heated in one go. I prefer to use glass containers with a plastic lid my favourite is from IKEA called 365 range
  • Good fridge containers have saved my household thousands over the years. Avoid storing in plastic bags – for more details on best storage check out the Love Food Hate Waste series of videos on the Outside the Box Facebook Page. I’ve added the first of the series below to get you started.
  • You could also simply book a Home Organising & Coaching session to focus on the kitchen and planning Carolyn

I really hope you find my tips useful. I would love to hear how you go with these and to help with any other tricky situations in the kitchen.

With my experience as a Chef and Professional Organising I love to assist with your kitchen design, storage solutions, re-vamping and organsing, fit out and lay out of your kitchen. My focus always is to create a space that suits you and all your family to be the most efficient and beautifully you. I’ve been lucky enough to work on kitchens at building stage as well as established homes where we can make the best of what you’ve got. I’d love to help you save thousands.

For more details on the stats of food waste visit Foodwise

Have a wonderful time in the kitchen,