ADHD Coach

ADHD Coach


Organising, decluttering and life management can be a challenge for anyone that’s for sure. When ADHD interrupts your ideas and goals that need you to plan, organise, manage time, use memory and focus, things can get away from you and it can feel like you’re never going to reach your goal.

Having ADHD or ADHD like symptoms doesn’t mean forever:

  • constantly losing track of time
  • not remembering that thing when you want to
  • having fabulous ideas but get overwhelmed at the thought of doing it all
  • jumping from task to task putting out fires
  • not working on one thing to completion
  • getting too focussed on one thing and not doing what’s important
  • doing the things that are important to others in favour of your own to do’s

When coaching with me you have a calm, accepting and supportive partner who recognizes your uniqueness, your skills, and possibilities.

What’s different about an Organising ADHD Coach?

For many people learning to declutter or get organised at home can be achieved by adopting techniques, following a plan and implementing a few tips and tools from books and TV. This happens without additional behavioural understanding or executive function strategies to support the learning.

Working with an Organising ADHD Coach brings about awareness of your developed behaviour and coping strategies as someone with ADHD. This supports the types of organising strategies we design together that favour your strengths. Adding to that is an approach for the whole of life and well-being, to give you the best improvement in executive functioning skills.

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Organise and declutter your home with the organising coaching package for a calm and inviting home.


Learn new life and time management skills with proven techniques for a rock-solid foundation to build your routines and confidence.


Thinking of becoming a Professional Organiser? Learn how to create your dream job and business as a PO.

I can honestly say that working with Carolyn uncluttered my mind when I was going through a particularly busy period in my business. I discovered that the issue I thought I was dealing with was only a symptom of something deeper. What a light bulb moment! I will definitely work with Carolyn again – she doesn’t offer cookie cutter solutions – she helps you discover what organised looks like for you. I highly recommend her if you’re ready to get more organised at work or at home!

Liz Green

Business Owner, WhizBang Writing Solutions