Step by Step Plan

I totally get it, you want to take charge of your decluttering and organising but need a bit of direction. And of course, it’s got to be affordable, right?

Step by step action plans get you started and keep you going to get the job done.

What you get:

Instructions on how to declutter and organise for your unique needs and lifestyle. I take all of YOU and your family’s lifestyle into consideration on the plan.

Yes, I come to you! For 1.5 hrs we’ll get those initial ideas flowing and get you started.

You’ll get clear step by step instructions that guide you through the process of decluttering and organising your home on the day.

Extra Bonus:

Get your questions answered for a whole month after our initial session. YES, this means unlimited check-ins with me via email and text. Love supporting you in your progress!

Guess what, you’re not alone. We all need a kind nudge to keep us on track to declutter and organise. When you get stuck or just lose motivation, I’ll be there to see it through with you and yes, we’ll celebrate your successes.

If organisation is a challenge for you, this is the best thing you can do. Engage Carolyn to work with you for a period of time and it will completely change your thinking and habits for long term benefits – I don’t know that there is anyone out there that can do what she does – she’s brilliant at what she does. She’s flexible and comes up with solutions customised to you and how you think.

Tanya Barretto

Business Owner, The Cheese Maker

Step by Step Plan Plus


Would you like a bit of support and accountability to go with your Step by Step Action Plan?

As well as all the things you receive in the Step by Step Action Plan above you get:

One 40min coaching session one week after starting.

One 40min coaching session two weeks after you start the action plan.

Let’s lighten the load. I’ll be your accountability buddy to make decluttering and organising a whole lot more achievable. The benefit of a coach and a Professional Organiser in one.

Extra Bonus:

I will be your partner and biggest supporter. We shift the habits and behaviours that have crept in to cause clutter and chaos. It will be these shifts that create permanent changes in our life.