Home and Life Organising & Coaching

Life and Home organising and decluttering services to give you back freedom and energy.

Virtual online organising coaching gets to the bottom of procrastination to turn it into action.

Hands on decluttering and organising services that support you to get it done.

Systems designed to save your energy. Understanding to achieve lasting results.

Home & Life Organising Coaching 12-Week Program

Transform the chaos into calm.

Our 12 Week Program has been designed to deliver the best of both worlds, an organised home and life. Yes, you can do it, a calm inviting home and the freedom of time to enjoy it.

What does the Home & Life Organising Program look like?

First up we take time to understand you and your goals for your space. We develop an Action Plan for the 12 weeks to keep focus on your needs and goals.

Home & Life Organising

You’ll be working with your own Professional Organiser. Here is where you get the support to clear your spaces of unwanted clutter. Then it’s time for organising where she’ll advise and design the systems with you for the space.

A total of 14 hours over 5 sessions.

Home & Life Coaching

In between the physical organising you’ll be working with Certified Organiser Coach and ADHD specialist, Carolyn Verhoef. These coaching sessions are a combination of in-person, video conferencing and phone call check-ins. Because you already know that a clam and organised life isn’t just about what’s happening in your home. It’s also about what you think, feel and how you manage your tasks and time.

Over the 3 hrs of coaching support you’ll learn more about your unique organising strengths. This is so the systems we set up match you and how you work. We also get the chance to shift old habits and perspectives that hold you back from reaching your goals.

Bring it all together

We end your 12-week program with a review to tweak systems, plan any further steps and best of all, recognise your achievements over the program.

Your hands-on decluttering and organising sessions are available across all Perth suburbs. From South of the River to North of the River, we can help you get sorted and clear your home.

The Outside the Box Team are all fully insured and members of the Institute of Professional Organisers. Our team are committed to abiding by the code of Practice for Professional Organisers.


I’ll let the past clients tell you about it in their own words.

From Embarrassed to Momentum

“I had to get over myself (!) and my embarrassment at needing help, but once I did that, I was able to embrace the concept of learning how to get better organised in a productive and efficient manner. It meant a lot to have your guidance and support in the initial clean-up. I felt overwhelmed in the beginning as I just couldn’t do it all on my own... Now I am gathering momentum to keep getting organised in other areas of my working life. I feel so much better in myself for making the decision to get organised!”- Jennifer Wilson

Anxiety Made Way for Peace of Mind

“Over a year and a half later, I still benefit from the coaching and systems that Carolyn worked with me on. Some of it is structural things, like files and places to put things still working and providing the foundation for basic workability; but a lot of it is a change in thinking. I think differently. There was a time that dealing with a stack or box of papers made me anxious and stressed and would be met with little progress by me; now I build up less paperwork due to what Carolyn taught me and when it does accumulate, I can sort through it systematically and efficiently – the anxiety and overwhelm has disappeared. I'm in control, more effective and have much greater peace of mind.” – Tanya Barretto

Excellent experience with Carolyn's ADHD Coaching. I received a diagnosis at the beginning of a PhD program and needed to build skills in organisation and time management fast: Carolyn gave me some great tools over the course of the coaching and helped me develop my own approach. Thanks for your the wonderful experience!
Kelly MacKinnon
Kelly MacKinnon
02:41 04 Mar 22
Carolyn and the team were outstanding. Respectful and kind with amazing design ideas. I could not have asked for better a better service to get my chaos into order. Thank you!
Caris Duncan
Caris Duncan
06:54 22 Oct 21
I attended one of Carolyn's Vision Board Workshops this month and was very impressed. Even though there were 14 of us I felt I received all the help and supported I needed and never felt rushed. I loved the whole process - it was holistic without being fluffy. I especially liked the twist Carolyn puts on the purpose of a vision board and how to use it going forward. Would highly recommend and I'll be back again next year!
Wendy Flack
Wendy Flack
10:36 26 Jan 19
I am very grateful to Carolyn for providing me a realistic approach to incorporating my business into everyday life without feeling overwhelmed. She has provided guidance in all elements of my business set up from business direction, financials, understanding my customer, my motivations, branding and logo design. I would recommend Carolyn’s services for anyone seeking a realistic approach to having a business and living well.
Alice Walsh
Alice Walsh
09:23 01 Jun 18
I highly recommend the services of Carolyn and her company. I have used their services on and off (usually to trigger/enable a new period of growth) since 2012. Definitely 'outside the box' in that Carolyn's skills are that beyond organisation to being able to act as a true support in furthering one's individual and business goals...through organisation, listening, new ideas, and importantly...understanding how you are wired up so that the structures and plans will be effective. The best investment you can ever make. Tanya Barretto, The Cheese Maker
Tanya Barretto
Tanya Barretto
10:48 24 Oct 17
Outside the Box is more than just decluttering my physical space, it is about making room in my life to live more fully. Carolyn's approach is so gentle but so thorough. Thanks to phone follow ups, internet conference calls and being a member of the Facebook group I feel like she is a friendly guide on my shoulder, helping and coaching me every step of the way. After completing a decluttering workshop with Carolyn at the end of 2016, I am on a steady journey to existing in a junk-free environment. Previous attempts at decluttering have left me feeling worn out and resulted in me giving up. Not the case with Outside the Box! Carolyn has taught me to set realistic goals for myself, and I can see and feel the results every day. If you do nothing else for yourself in 2017, take a course with Carolyn; you won't regret it! From Sally
t hug
t hug
05:06 09 Jan 17
It was wonderful to work with Carolyn, she help me de-clutter and get some systems in place. Being a shift worker it was hard to stick to regular days for getting jobs done. She showed me some great planning techniques which allows for flexibility but still follows a system. Carolyn is a lovely person and I can't recommend her highly enough.
Leanne Hamilton
Leanne Hamilton
04:34 22 Dec 16
Carolyn Verhoef Coach Approach Graduate
Associate Certified Coach
Carolyn Verhoef Coach Approach Graduate