Home Organising & Coaching

Home Organising & Coaching Package


You want to make a calm and inviting home and have a place for everything, right? But it’s not easy to know where to start, is it? That’s why the home organising coaching package is a hands-on service, so we can make short work of a difficult task. Together we’ll create long term solutions for your stuff and make spaces that you’ll love.

This package will focus on organising and decluttering one room or space. Your wardrobe, kitchen, paperwork, office, lounge room, bathroom or laundry are some examples ideal for the home organising coaching package.

The package includes 6 hrs of one to one, hands-on organising and decluttering at your home. Also available as a virtual consultation done remotely via video conferencing.

We will spend our time together developing a better understanding of decluttering and organising solutions. We do this so that you have systems that make sense to you and that you can maintain easily.

As we organise together, we’ll make real change and even uncover some new habits to support you. This is why home organising and coaching is so effective for everyone.

Extra Bonus:

One carload full of donations taken away for you to lighten the load. Because I know you don’t like waste and want items to go to good use, usable items are taken to people in need, saving you time and worry. I take items to ECO Pay it Forward which help families in need in Perth.