Life Organising & Coaching

Life Organising & Coaching Package


Put an end to your endless to-do list. Stop procrastination. Free up your time and your busy mind.

Life organising and coaching gives you the skills to –

  • manage time and the endless to-do list so you make time for what matters most
  • incorporate routines that bring calm and make space for excitement
  • understand your own unique strengths so you have an endless source of support to build a life that fits

The 6 x 1 hr sessions combine learning new life skills with proven coaching and techniques. This will give you a rock solid foundation to build your confidence with these new skills and clear direction, no more fuzziness or overwhelm. Why does the process work? Because confidence and direction assist you to make better life choices and decisions that make our heart and mind lighter.

Sessions are held in my private and comfortable consulting room in Brentwood, Perth or from anywhere in the world via Zoom, Skype or Phone.

Extra Bonus:

Between session check in via phone or email for up to 30min to give you extra support and tweak your actions so you meet your goals.

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