Life Organising & Coaching

Life Organising & Coaching Package


Put an end to your endless to-do list. Stop procrastination. Free up your time and your busy mind.

Life organising and coaching gives you the skills to –

  • manage time and the endless to-do list so you make time for what matters most
  • incorporate routines that bring calm and make space for excitement
  • understand your own unique strengths so you have an endless source of support to build a life that fits

The 6 x 1 hr sessions combine learning new life skills with proven coaching techniques. What this gives you is a rock solid foundation to build your confidence and gives you clear direction. Because confidence and direction assist you to make better life choices that truly make our heart sing.

Sessions held in my private and comfortable consulting room in Brentwood, Perth or from anywhere via Zoom, Skype or Phone.

Extra Bonus:

Post-session check in via phone or email after each session to give extra support to meet your goals.

See my qualifications for Life Organising & Coaching.


I can honestly say that working with Carolyn uncluttered my mind when I was going through a particularly busy period in my business. I discovered that the issue I thought I was dealing with was only a symptom of something deeper. What a light bulb moment! I will definitely work with Carolyn again – she doesn’t offer cookie cutter solutions – she helps you discover what organised looks like for you. I highly recommend her if you’re ready to get more organised at work or at home!

Liz Green

Business Owner, WhizBang Writing Solutions

Home & Life 12 Week Program


Yes, you can do it, a calm inviting home and the freedom of time to enjoy it. Together we overhaul your home, time and life in 12 weeks. A combined program of the Home Organising & Coaching package and the Life Organising & Coaching Package. You'll receive the whole kit and kaboodle! The total package to organise your home and your time.

I’ll let the past clients tell you about it in their own words.

From Embarrassed to Momentum

“I had to get over myself (!) and my embarrassment at needing help, but once I did that, I was able to embrace the concept of learning how to get better organised in a productive and efficient manner. It meant a lot to have your guidance and support in the initial clean-up. I felt overwhelmed in the beginning as I just couldn’t do it all on my own... Now I am gathering momentum to keep getting organised in other areas of my working life. I feel so much better in myself for making the decision to get organised!”- Jennifer Wilson

Anxiety Made Way for Peace of Mind

“Over a year and a half later, I still benefit from the coaching and systems that Carolyn worked with me on. Some of it is structural things, like files and places to put things still working and providing the foundation for basic workability; but a lot of it is a change in thinking. I think differently. There was a time that dealing with a stack or box of papers made me anxious and stressed and would be met with little progress by me; now I build up less paperwork due to what Carolyn taught me and when it does accumulate, I can sort through it systematically and efficiently – the anxiety and overwhelm has disappeared. I feel more in control, more effective and have much greater peace of mind.” – Tanya Barretto