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Organising Workshops Perth

Workshops to Clear Clutter, Simplify and Organise your Life

You’ve tried many times to clear the clutter and organise your life, but nothing seems to work and things always return to chaos. You feel paralyzed, stuck and overwhelmed by the clutter and all you have to do. Procrastination takes over every time you try to make an impact. Our participants results from workshops to clear clutter, simplify and organise your life have been life changing.

Would step by step instructions that really work help you? What if you had access to support and guidance along the way, a coach to keep you motivated, and together we get the clutter under control for good?

Our organising workshops Perth and surrounds cover a range of topics to give you the maximum results by taking a holistic approach to conquering clutter and disorganisation. We get best results for our participants by giving them the tools for the four main types of clutter – the physical, the digital, the time and the thought clutter.

Workshop Topics

Truths for Organised Living. Getting to the heart of why clutter and disorganisation is present in our lives, and what can we do about it.

Declutter Your Life. I show you the keys to unlocking the clutter and chaos at home and in life for good.

How to Simplify & Organise Your Life is all about how to simplify your mind and time while organising your physical spaces for ultimate calm and productivity.

Clear the Blocks with Shy Girls Belly Dance. This workshop uses unique techniques to clear mental and emotional clutter. You’ll find a new sense of personal power, creativity and tools to combat the overwhelm or anxiety around your inner and outer clutter.

Outside the Box Vision Boards. Learn the truth about successful vision boards. Access the true power and gifts this tool can provide.

Custom Design Workshops. We are specialists at designing specific topic workshops to increase productivity, engagement and well-being for your group or team. Our workshops to clear clutter, simplify and organise your life have been delivered with tangible results over the past 10 years. Wesfarmers, City of Gosnells, City of Rockingham, Vicinity Shopping Centres, Nifnex Academy, IKEA Perth, Officeworks and kikki.K are just a few organisations we’ve worked with.

outside-the-box-solutions-unlock-clutterDeclutter Your Life!

So why is this workshop going to work for you where other attempts have failed?

There are three key fundamentals that are essential to creating change when it comes to clutter and disorganisation. You will learn how to create the changes you want and make them stick because I will be there to support you over the entire month after the workshop session.

YES, there are plenty of fabulous resources out there to help solve our problems, but many are just giving a solution using one of the three key fundamentals. Beginning with the 2.5hr workshop and using our step by step action plan, while being supported and kept accountable each week we’ve seen amazing transformations in peoples homes and lives.

In this workshop you will:

  • Unlock your main causes of clutter enabling you to stop the round about of clear up and chaos that continues in your life
  • Uncover the truth about why we struggle with clutter and why there hasn’t been success till now
  • Leave with your personalized workbook and action plan to tackle your clutter straight away
  • Get the motivation, inspiration, and support you need to overcome procrastination

After the workshop over one month you receive:

  • unlimited support via email and text from your organising coach
  • a 90min coaching session two weeks after the workshop to tackle and challenges and any tools to finish your action plan
  • be part of a secret group where you’ll find amazing support from people who know what you’re going through

Places are limited bookings with pre-payment essential.

Next workshop: Sun 22nd October 2017 10:30am to 1pm

Location: WA State Library Francis St Perth

Cost: $127 incl GST

CLICK HERE to register your interest and indicate preferred days and times.

outside-the-box-solutions_06Simplify & Organise Your Life

So you’ve tried getting organised before. Actually, you probably have several books on “How to get organised”. Many people can still struggle with getting organised even with the huge amount of information available today.

In this workshop, you learn the truths for organised living. We uncover the core of why the “How To” won’t work on its own.

With step by step action plans to give you clear direction on where to start, plus weekly inspiration and accountability over the following month, you will have all you need to organise your spaces, time and mind.

I’ll show you my secrets that will turn your home into the calm sanctuary you want it to be without spending thousands on organising tools. Plus take control of your time and make it your own again.

At this workshop you’ll take home :

  • Why and how you can organise your spaces in 5 simple steps
  • What types of routines and schedules work for you and against you
  • The clarity of simplifying your thoughts and ideas, getting the “to do’s” off your list
  • New perspectives for change in some of your most precious resources, your time and health

After the workshop for one month you receive:

  • unlimited support via email and text from your organising coach
  • a 90min coaching session two weeks after the workshop to tackle and challenges and any tools to finish your action plan
  • be part of a secret group where you’ll find amazing support from people who know what you’re going through

Places are limited bookings with pre-payment essential.

Next workshop: Sun 19th November 2017

Location: Perth CBD

Cost: $127 incl GST

CLICK HERE <<Contact Carolyn>> for more details


Shy-girls-belly-dance-PowerClearing the Mental and Emotional Clutter

Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed, stuck and unable to move forward with the things that you feel you want to address in your life?

At times do you have a feeling of not being able to express your true feelings and you push things aside to get things done?

Do you feel a lack of confidence and uncertainty in areas of your life and self-image?

Imagine feeling self-assured and confident with your decision making in all areas of your life.

What would it be like to know how to; clear the blocks caused by overwhelm, stop limiting self-expression and live the life you really want?

“I attended because I was feeling overwhelmed and needed some direction. Carolyn’s easy to follow techniques helped me recognize the links between different areas of my life and how they were impacting on each other. You should attend this workshop keeping your mind open because what’s holding you back might not be what you thought!” Samantha Boyd

Shy Girls Belly Dance – Weekly Classes

Due to popular request, Shy Girls Belly Dance will begin an 8-week course in 2017.

We will be using many of the techniques taught in the Clear Mental and Emotional Clutter workshop.

The 8-week course will allow you to instill the habits of movement and bring you more muscle recognition of where your clutter has accumulated in the body or in the mind.

Date: 16th Oct to 27th Nov 2017  Time: 6:30-8pm
Location: Capoeira CDO Studio, 7a/44 Hutton St, Osborne Park
Cost: Shimmy into Spring Special Offer 7 Class Pass for only $147

For more details please call Carolyn on 0416 127 004. or book via our workshop booking page Shy Girls Belly Dance


Outside the Box Solutions Vision Board Workshop 2017In this workshop, I’ll share with you the truth’s about creating your own vision boards in a powerfully focused holistic way.

Have you made a vision board in the past?

Did it activate your life and goals or was it forgotten or buried under the to do lists of 2016?

I’ve watched many people over many years attempt to create a vision board but never really accessing the true gifts it can provide. So after much cajoling from clients I am running this workshop based on my 20yrs of using them in my own life.

Here’s what you get:
You’ll learn to access your insight to gain clarity and focus for the year ahead.

How to create a board that will keep that focus for all areas you plan for in 2017.

Learn the “step by step” of activating the vision board with a tried and tested practice I’ve used for over 10yrs. Creating your board is only a small part of what you need to make it really work.

I’ll give your creativity a boost with lots of ideas to make your vision board visually stunning. As an award winning scrapbooker I love sharing how to make beautiful things with paper.

I’ll bring my favorite tools on the night for you to use. Extra images and embellishment also provided.

Optional Extras-

Outside the Box Magnetic White Board to use for your Vision Board $22.95 incl gst

60min Values and Goals Coaching Session Normally $110 Workshop Participants only $89

Feng Shui 4 Pillars of Destiny Chart and Chinese Zodiac reading $180

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL – This is a maximum impact workshop so you’ll receive a preparation worksheet 2 weeks before to get you started. So don’t delay. Limited spaces available.

Date: 13th Feb 2017

Time: 5:45pm – 8pm

Location: State Library WA, Perth

Cost: Early Bird $72 incl gst After 16th Jan $89 incl gst.


Hear what people are saying

about the workshops….

“I was rearranging all the stuff I owned and going nowhere! I found Carolyn’s workshop style very effective and informative. The best part was getting the plan of action and writing it down. The single most important insight I had was to stop multi-tasking and create more self nurturing time. You will benefit so much more than you imagine from the knowledge Carolyn shares in this workshop.” – Louise Marcus, Genisis Beauty.


Unlock the Clutter

participants are saying…

“I needed help with clutter and hoarding issues. Interesting presentation with lots of different ideas and approaches to suit everyone. Having a plan to work out what things I really need was immediately helpful. I got a better understanding of the multiple reasons I have clutter it’s a great workshop to do, very helpful run by a lovely person. Good value!” – Deborah


Clearing the Blocks

Hear what our participants experienced…

“Easy to follow,I feel empowered to conquer fears and emotions of being overwhelmed. I was able to get in touch with the Passion in my life which brings power back into your life. The workshop was a lot of fun and encouraged all to drop self consciousness.” Barbara.

Unlock the Clutter Workshop

Participants Say…

“Life is always so hectic, but you gave me some real insights into why I’m so busy and have no time for myself (or for decluttering). I’ve made some real progress in the last week or so and now have lists of decluttering jobs to do one at a time instead of being so overwhelmed by everything. Thanks”

Clearing the Blocks

our participants say…

“For me it was all connecting my body to releasing and clearing beliefs using dancing & movement. Loved the whole lot!” – Karen Preedy

“I have released. The workshop has helped me get back into and connect with my body, which is exactly what I needed!” Debbie

Clearing the Blocks

what participants say…

“Very effective, I’ll be using the visualization and dancing at home definitely, highly energetic which I love. I am always telling everyone how awesome my organiser (Carolyn) is but now I can tel them what an amazing belly dancer she is too!” – Aimee

Clearing the Blocks

“Awesome workshop – such as safe environment. Blocks were released great! great! great! I learnt things I could apply in my life straight away. Will be using this with other future business.” Charmaine Burnett – Desert Shadow.

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