Is your dream job organising and decluttering homes and lives, but you don’t know where to you start?

I have openings for a limited number of people who want to find and follow their passion for organising.

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About Professional Organiser Mentoring

A mentor is a trusted advisor and teacher that will support you on your journey to becoming a Professional Organiser.

It’s just like being in partnership with someone who’s totally got your back and has trod the path you want to travel. I will be your guide for professional and personal development to achieve your goals.

Ultimately the shape of the mentoring is up to you but it is designed to build your capacity, as well as provide extra knowledge and outside the box solutions for your career as a PO.

Our mentoring partnership will have these main goals :

  • Clarify your direction and actions
  • Build your income potential and sustainable business model
  • Develop your Professional Organising and business skills
  • Support for you professionally and personally

The Mentoring Program

The mentoring program is very much guided by your needs but there are some key elements to a successful mentoring program.

  1. Defining and clarifying your goals and connecting with your”Why”.
  2. Planning the structure of your mentoring sessions to suit your strengths, lifestyle, energy, time and goals.
  3. Design your action steps
  4. Evaluate what works and measure each step
  5. Reflect on what needs improvement 
  6. Adjust actions and goals based on new awareness or learning

Since 2007 I have worked as a Professional Organiser with thousands of clients one on one and in workshops across Australia. I hold the Professional Development Advisory Board position at the Institute of Professional Organisers. Plus as a trained Life Purpose Coach and Organising Coach my mentoring will encourage self discovery but also include practical brainstorming solution sessions.

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