The Real Cost of Bathroom Chaos

New and startling facts about what the real cost of bathroom chaos is to your health, our planet and your bank balance.

Why is there chaos in the bathroom any way?

Well I’ve been thinking about that a lot. So I’ve done some digging into what the real costs of not staying organised in the bathroom could be.

For most households stock piling of personal care and beauty products in the bathroom is just the norm. Products we use in the bathroom are expensive! It stands to reason then when they’re discounted we can get carried away, buying much more than we need.

But this could be costing you much more than you realise!!!

I was amazed to find these facts which really puts the bathroom cupboard in to perspective. Firstly as a large proportion of our weekly grocery bill and secondly are we really using this much in the bathroom or are we seeing most of it go down the drain – literally?

Australians spend around $8 billion per year on Beauty and $10.5 billion per year on Personal Care. What I found alarming is that when you compare these figures with other regular spending the bathroom organising just doesn’t seem to be given the attention this big price tag deserves.

Australians only spend $2billion per year on Education and only $5.1 billion per year on fashion, one of the areas I thought would definitely beat the personal care purchasing habits we have. (from ASIC Money Smart Australian Spending Habits)

Average weekly spend on personal care products for each household is $11 per week almost the same amount we spend on our mobile phone of $12 per week.

In a woman’s life time average spend on beauty products is around $354,000.

4 Mistakes that increase the real cost of bathroom chaos:

  • Not sure what is in the bathroom cupboard leading to an impulse buy, just in case we run out!
  • Stock pilling when things are on sale, a false sense of saving!
  • Don’t know how to store the products so they last longer, bathrooms are a hot and moist environment havens for bacteria and germs.
  • All of the above leading to products expiring or going off before being used.

I don’t know about you but I have a new appreciation for what I buy for my bathroom and it has definitely been raised as an important investment worth spending some time on to get better organised. Would love to hear if these facts have changed your view too, just pop a message at the bottom of the page.

What is the real cost of bathroom chaos to the planet?

Many personal care ranges and cleaning ranges use micro beads as a filler or exfoliator. These are tiny beads of plastic half the size of a grain of rice. Manufacturers have replaced natural product fillers and exfoliators simply because they are cheaper and micro beads are designed to go down the drain, so you can end up using more of the product.

What’s even more concerning is that these plastic micro beads are so small they escape water processing plants then collect any toxins in the water which eventually ends up in our water ways where animals, fish and people consume these toxins. We proudly support and highly recommend watching the Story of Stuff and their new video on Micro Beads.

Staying organised by not over buying these products and knowing what safe products to buy will help keep waste down in the bathroom.

Personal care & cosmetic products do expire so it’s important not to over buy wasting your money and the planets resources.

I have so much more I want to share about the real costs of bathroom chaos so stay tuned for my next blog all about the real cost to our health and tips to organise your bathroom.

Have fun taking the chaos out of the bathroom. Thanks for being here and helping me with my mission to show the world how to live with less and experience more.

Living the organising life purpose dream,