A Vision Board to Help Organise Your Life

What most people don’t know about the power of a vision board.

Over 20 years ago I was introduced to how to make a vision board. Learning how amazing goals and images could help me to see myself as successful and therefore become successful. Well you know what!! it never worked for me, in fact it made me more depressed and made me feel like a failure.

At first I got excited by the gorgeous pictures. Seeing what my home would look like, what car I’d be driving and where I’d be spending luxury holidays. It didn’t take long for me to feel the pressure of not achieving the goals and visions that was so clearly blazoned across the wall. Then when I gave up on the lofty high achieving goals for something more realistic I felt like a looser for not aiming high enough. Have you ever felt this way about goal setting? I know I’m not alone. So many people run at the mere mention of goal setting after similar experiences.

That explains the negative power of a vision board on my life, but don’t stop reading in dismay. This Blog has a very happy and wonderfully uplifting end.

“Through experiencing the negative we get the opportunity to find the balance with the positive, but only if your looking with all your senses”

by Carolyn Verhoef

Creativity is something I can’t live without, creativity with paper has been something I’ve done since old enough to use scissors. That is where the persistence came from to continue. And why I designed an “Outside the Box Vision Board Practice” that would work for me and my clients.

How does a vision board help you organise your life, home and business?

In three powerful ways:

  1. Being totally clear about what you want your organised life to look like and feel like, from the inside out, not the outside in. When you have total clarity of what is heart and soul your deepest desire it’s easier to visualize. Plus you will know when you’re not living to that vision.
  2. Consistent and constant reminder through visually stimulating the thought processes to live your goals and vision each day. We are all visual beings. Creating a beautiful vision board with your hands and imagination will create true connection with self.
  3. Inspiration for those moments when you’re lost or feeling the heaviness of the day to day. Because the Outside the Box Vision Board Practice is based on your core values. It becomes the intrinsic motivator you need in stressful and times of overwhelm. It becomes your compass.

I would love to share with all of you the Outside the Box Vision Board Practice if you’re in Perth you can join our next workshop or contact me for more information about bringing the workshop to you and your group.

Next Workshop: Mon 13th Feb 6-8pm at the State Library WA, Perth.

Vision Board to Organise Your Life